Friday, September 10, 2010

Learning Our Days of the Week

Mary Catherine is 3 now and Jake is 2 so they can both sing the "Days of the Week Song."  They love to sing it, but it became obvious that they did not quite grasp the concept of the seven weekdays.  Mary Catherine is extremely curious and she is always asking me, "Mommy, what are we going to do today?"  I found that it was really helpful for her to know what was coming up in the week so we decided to make a picture calendar of our typical week together.  I didn't want to turn this into a work of art that took 3 hours so I simply cut a rectangle out of poster board and divided it into 7 sections.  From there we looked through magazines and used markers to draw pictures of what activity we do on each weekday.  Here's how it turned out...
We hung it on her closet door so she can see it when we wake up each day.  As you can see Saturday and Sunday have happy faces because my kids refer to the two days Daddy is home all day as "Super Happy Fun Day."  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are school days.  Tuesday is ballet and Thursday we go to the Fun Zone (an indoor jumpy place if you hadn't already figured that out).  Like I said it is not exactly a masterpiece, but it fits the bill.  She loves looking forward to the next day and she is really getting the concept of the seven weekdays.  Have fun with it!

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