Monday, August 2, 2010

This Weeks Plan

Today I have a hundred thoughts running through my head.  I am all over the place and for that I apologize.  This blog has really inspired me to try new things and to be more creative.  As a result I am getting ready to borrow a sewing machine (Lord help us all) from my sister-in-law.  Every morning as I dress my kids I find myself thinking, I could make that.  Don't get too carried away, I do not intend to make a full wardrobe for my 3 children, only to try out a few things.  We will all see how this new indeavor pans out as I promise to show the good, the bad, and the ugly.

On top of my new quest to sew, I am getting ready to do a mini-renovation in Patrick's room.  He is getting too big for his changing table and I am preparing to put a twin bed in his room to use for dressing and changing him.  In the process, I am going to repaint, and redecorate.  This should all be interesting because I have a very small budget (my husband still doesn't fully know what I am up to).  Having two toddlers on the ground and moving to a new home while pregnant with Patrick, I sort of threw a room together and I have never really loved it.  Now is as good a time as any to tackle it I suppose.  I have some fun ideas and I will share them along the way.

As if these new endeavors were not enough, I have decided to pick up and take all 3 kiddos to the river cabin for the week.  My husband is slammed at work and I know the only way he can get it all done this week will be with a quiet house.  Don't worry, I am not totally insane... I will be taking along a babysitter for some much needed extra hands and eyes.  Even I am not crazy enough to brave the river and driving a boat with 3 little kids alone!  Since the cabin is in the middle of nowhere, you can rightly assume that there is absolutely nothing to do there (oh, and NO internet).  I have been packing all day and I am coming fully armed.  I am bringing plenty of outdoor things to do including bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and little fishing rods.  I am also bringing fun recipes to do with your kids.  I plan to try my hand at bread making and attempt homemade soft pretzels (recipe soon to follow). 

FYI- I have never driven a boat and I have never fished.  One thing is certain... I will return Friday loaded with pics, good stories, and recipes.  This should be interesting... 

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