Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finding time to exercise

As many of you moms already know, it sometimes seems impossible to take a shower, much less to exercise.  I am not a gym lover and I will never be someone who just loves to workout.  I envy those women, but sadly I am not one.  In order to stay in shape I typically try to eat healthy and other than that, simply keeping up with 3 toddlers seems to do the trick.

Recently I started to get creative because I wanted to do something entertaining and something that could kill some of that dreaded late afternoon time with the kids.  So, after a little research I purchased an
iBert Safe-T Front Mounted Child Bicycle Seat
for kids AND a bell bike trailer for two.  (I found the Bell trailer at a consignment exchange so I got a steal).  The iBert installs easily and goes in front under the handlebars.  It is great because I can interact with the baby and he gets a front row view.  Since I am far from an experienced biker, I selected a cheap cruiser style bike for myself.  It reminded me of the ones we always rent at the beach and it seemed pretty idiot-proof to ride.

Well, I am happy to report that I have been having a blast and it doesn't hurt that I'm entertaining 3 kids and getting in a workout at the same time.  Sometimes if we are just cruising my oldest (Mary Catherine) rides her bike along side me and I pull the boys.  All three love our afternoon rides and I love the peace and quiet.
PS- I am well aware the baby needs a helmet.  I just had the babysitter put him in it so I could snap a pic.  The best part is that the seat will comfortably seat up to a 4 year old!

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