Sunday, July 18, 2010

Things I Love

I have to write about my new find.  I am always looking for art tools for children that are easy and low-mess.  Half the time I feel like I spend 20 minutes setting up an art project for the kids and they spend 5 minutes doing said project.  It hardly seems worth the effort except I know they truly enjoy it while it lasts.  That's why I LOVE these...

They are called Do A Dot Art!  They are simply sponge tip paint applicators and they are genius.  They require no cups, no brushes, and best of all they make no mess.  You can use them on any paper and you can even find a Do A Dot activity book to use with them.  My kids love to make posters with them and I can pull them out anytime and put them away in a second- no set up. 

You can buy them here if you can't find them at a store:

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