Monday, July 12, 2010

Freezer Paper Shirts

Okay, so I certainly cannot take credit for this idea. It has been around for some time, but recently my cousin inspired me to take a crack at it. She made the most adorable shirts for her boys and her skills far surpass mine.

To learn the details there are tons of online tutorials available. Here's the basic idea...
Step 1 Find an image you want to use. I searched online using google, but make sure to keep the image simple.
Step 2 Trace image onto freezer paper using a pencil.
Step 3 Cut out image with craft knife. Toss the positive and use the negative as your stencil.
Step 4 Iron stencil onto shirt (must use a dry iron.
Step 5 Use brush and paint over stencil with fabric paint.
Step 6 Remove stencil and voila!

These shirts are super simple to make, quick, inexpensive and look adorable. I certainly messed up my share while learning. Here are my tips so that you may avoid some of my mistakes:
  • Do not use too many coats of paint. Two to three is max!
  • Make sure not to use any steam on the iron.
  • Peel away stencil slowly as soon as you finish painting.

1 comment:

  1. OMG, Gage LOVES his shirt...and he tells everyone, even complete strangers that MAry Catherine made it for him. Thank you so much for the shirt and bowling set. Both are being enjoyed so much ;)