Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Giving A Boost To Kid's Artwork

I don't know about other moms, but I have a fridge covered with all sorts of art that my children have made.  I hate to throw any of it away, but let's be honest, most of it is just chicken scratch.  At age two and three my oldest kids love to watercolor and so that seems to be what I have the most of.  Here is a way to reuse some of their art and to give a thoughtful "thank-you" to a friend...

You will need:
  • Craft knife and mat to cut on
  • Blank card and envelopes (I found a pack of 8 for $3.00 at my craft store)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Some extra kids artwork

Step 1 Go on your computer and type the message or find a design you want to appear on the card cover.  You can do your kid's monogram, the word "thanks" or a simple design of a fish, etc.  The possibilities are endless. Print the words in bold and make sure they are big enough to fit nicely on the card you selected.
Step 2 Tape the card over the printed words/image on a window so you can use the natural light to help you trace the image.  If you have a light box- even better! Trace the image in pencil.
Step 3 Put your card on a cutting mat and cut around pencil outline.  Take time to cut carefully and cut outside pencil lines.
Step 4 Cut out the portion of your kids art that you want to show through on the front of card.  Use double-sided tape and sick it to front of card so that the art shows through the stencil you have just cut.  Viola, you are done.

Your friends will LOVE to get these cards and I write on the backside, "Cover art by: (Insert your child's name)."

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