Monday, July 19, 2010

Patrick is Almost 1!

As my baby Patrick approaches his first birthday lots of things are changing.  He is walking everywhere (yes, he started walking at 9 months- help me) and he is trying his hardest to be one of the "big" kids.  This means that he is putting up quite a fight when it comes to his morning nap.  We are in that dreaded phase where two naps is a bit too many and one is not quite enough.

As a result, he has been taking two short naps that are not much use to me anymore.  Reluctantly, I decided this morning to let him drop his first nap and just take one in the afternoon with big brother and big sister.  This task was much easier said than done. I made sure to get him out of the house around 10:00 which is when he usually starts to fade.  Surprisingly, he did very well and went to an open gym play time with us all this morning.  I could tell he was getting cranky and so we loaded up and headed for a quick lunch.  Patrick ate well and was an angel at lunch too.  I was quite pleased and thought I might push my luck and make a diaper run to Sam's Club, but as we loaded to head home I looked in the back seat and this is what I saw...

 I took it with my phone so it's not the best quality, but I simply could not miss this moment!  Poor guy.

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